Sunday, 22 April 2012


actually,when it comes to hobby, i have no idea to share.
now, I still wondering, what is my real hobby. what??!!!!
but, i do love doing this when i am FREE.., eat and EAT..

when it comes to food,i will turn to a monster :)
and,while i'm writing this,i still holding this!
mushroom soup.
see,i really LOVE eating.
besides,eat and EAT,i think i spent most of my time on reading.
for me,through reading,i can see another view of life.
well,we have our own definition of life.
sometimes,a book can change a person's life.
to live well or hell,YOU choose.

 actually reading is not just for fun.
it is process of learning.
through motivational book,we learn how to build up ourselves.
through novel,we learn how to appreciate life.
through blog,we learn how see life in different view.

i think that is it.
well,no matter what hobby that you have, enjoy your journey in LIFE.

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