Thursday, 26 April 2012


some things may change,
we always start and end with FAMILY.

they are like a picture,
we need to treasure and hold on it forever.

everyone have their own definition about family.
whether it is bad or good,it is up to you.
you choose.ǝsooɥɔ noʎ.
but remember my dear,
you won't be here without them.

my definition?
they are mine.

here is our LOVE STORY.
my ABAH and MAMA.
they actually meet for the first time,
 at my uncle's wedding.
sweet?i think so.
long distance relationship.
but,praise to Allah for His blessing.
 they got married on May 1991.
almost 21 years of journey,now.

happy advanced anniversary loves ;)

ABAH and his anak angkat,Arsh

miss your nagging :(

my siblings?
they complete me.
even we are different,we are good buddies.
always have fight with each other.
but when it comes to the right time,
we can make other jealous when see us.
i am the eldest.
i have two sister and only one brother.

here is Nini Nur Nadhirah.
while i am writing this,
she is struggling with her 2nd last paper in her PSPM.
and tomorrow she will be free.
from her MATRIC HETIC life.
quite stuborn but a very hardworking and smart.
she got 4 flat for her first PSPM *envy*

trying to be muslimah.but,hey look at the 'manly sandal' ;)
this is my second younger sister.
Zizi Nur Athirah.
she will be facing her PMR this year.
really quiet but when she laugh,
she can turn turn to a different person.

always wear shawl.
shawl typo :P
even they are totally different,but they are good friends.
always spend time together.
listening song,fashion,girl's things.hahahaha.

twins?of course, NOT!
see.Zizi is taller than her older sister.
actually,she is the BIGGEST one among us.hihhihi.
and now,my only bro's turn.
Muhammad Zaza 'Adhwa.
the only boy and hero among us.
because of that,he had been spoiled too much. 

very emotional one.

always trying to avoid cam

trying to be a hero huh?
latest gift from ME to him.
some told me that i'm too spoiled him.
well,he is the only one bro I have.

i'm the eldest and he is the youngest.
but we can be like friends.partner.

yeahhh.they are my family.
they are mine.

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