Tuesday, 24 April 2012


hi,hello and ASSALAMUALAIKUM :)
what's going on with me nowadays??!!
always think about food,food and FOOD.
i think i'm getting big,big,BIGGER.
oh no!
now,i'm thinking of pudding that always made by my mum.
argghh.my tummy makes strange noise now! LAPARRRRRR~
actually,it is easy to make it.
but,now i'm at college.so,need to wait until the holiday comes :(
here,there is the recipe.

1 tin of evaporated milk
1 tablespoon of sugar
4 tablespoon of custard
1 bowl of water-to mix up with the custard
swiss roll
1 tin of cocktail
1 packet of Nona's crystal jelly
1 bowl of water

  1. arrange the swiss roll in any big bowl.
  2. boil up the evaporated milk and sugar with medium heat.
  3. mix the custard and water.and slowly add on in the mixture of evaporated milk and sugar.stir it up until the mixture become thick.
  4. take the fruit cubes from the cocktail and arrange that on the swiss roll.
  5. then,pour the mixture of custard over the swiss roll and fruits.
  6. after the custard become cold ,arrange the balance of fruit cubes on it.put it aside for a while.
  7. prepare the crystal jelly according to the instruction at the box ;)
  8. lastly,pour the jelly on the swiss roll and custard mixture.

it is easier if look at the pic,right? ;)
now.it is ready to eat!
if you want make it look more yummy,you can use a small glass or mug.
and add on whipped cream and fresh fruits on top of it.
like this.

looks like cherry on snow

look nice right? this is for 'makan beradab'

can't stand anymore.
my mouth is watering now.
starving for all this yummylicous dessert.
mama,i need you now :(
triffle,till we meet again.

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